Sunday, 27 June 2010

5 Reasons Why I'd like to Try Blogging

When I think about teaching the TICs come to my mind, so as to catch my students' attention to the fact that learning is fun, is modern, connects to everything and gives them power, the power of knowledge.
So if you asked me why I'd like to try blogging I would say:
1) Blogging is an excellent tool to enhanced reading and writing.
2) You can include all kinds of material and links in a blog.
3) Both students and teachers can take different roles in the construction of a blog, that is to say, they can be moderators, writers, commenters, etc.
4) Blogging in English might allow a class to communicate to any people in the world as it is a widespread highly used language internationally.5) Using a blog can also help us as a class to have a kind of backup or small library of material, resources, portfolios, social events, calendars of events; which in time will be helpful for other groups of students.


Carla Raguseo said...
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Carla Raguseo said...

Thanks for sharing your lively and colorful blog with us! I see you've been intragrating amazing resources into your classes! :-)

I agree with your five reasons and I may add: Blogging allows us to engage our classes in expressive and meaningful writing. As teachers, we can connect to our students in a different way by sharing and reflecting on topics that are relevant to them and not just by giving them instructions and assignments. In this way, we help them develop a sense of belonging to the class; the first step towards the creation of a learning community.

Let's take out English classes to the next level!



Carina said...

Wow! I like your blog and the material you have here!

Cecilia I. Moretti said...

Hi Lilia!
I totally agree with you and I also love your blog! I'll explore it deeply later on but from what I could see so far, it seems you've worked really hard on it. :-)

Lilia Lucci said...

Thanks girls! It was hard work when I built it, and it was intended to be used in my classes, but either students were not eager to do so, or I was not enthusiastic enough so as to convince them.
I still do not lose hope, and I will have to get more acquainted with wikis as I have never used one except when Carla assigned us that task last module.
See you girls and thanks again for your commments.

Carina L said...

Hi, Lilia! What a beautiful blog! I love it!
I agree with your reasons, it's great and intereting to see our differences :)
Kisses and congrats again,